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Welcome to our insight of A.M. photography & Film. Our Free lance work is based on capturing irreplacable moments whether ita at parties, events, gigs, and self/group portraits. Were open for booking. Photos by: A.ndrea Noriega and M.ikey Avina unless noted or credited.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Up and coming: SELFKING

" The Peanut-Butter Mix"

Taken by: A.M
Mostly edited by: Mikey Avina
Bio by: Andrea Noriega

Introducing SELF-KING, a new and upcoming teen Hip-Hop duo from Whittier, CA consisting of Adrian Fierro (AGE) and David Castillo (DeeCee) . Their music can capture emotion through out every bar of their song weather it shifts from mood or tone; It speaks for it self, and their main focus is for their sound to consist solemnly of their passion and taste. It's safe to say they are surrounded by a great team and have a great amount of talent/potential. They have their first and new Mix-Tape releasing on April 25th called " The Peanut Butter Mix". These are FREE and you can get them from contacting Adrian or David. Don't hesitate to get one before they run out. As Adrian once told me " To create some sort of art, in my opinion, is to create something perfect from all your imperfections."

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Sunday, March 27, 2011



                                                                                                   Taken and edited by: Mikey Avina